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Super Mario: The Million Moves Man

Fri, Dec 11, 2009 08:11 AM
Written by Milton Rodas
Super Mario: The Million Moves Man

For those of us who started dancing Salsa a few years before websites like YouTube began bringing global Salsa figures to the convenience of our computer monitors, the nickname of "Super Mario" belonged to a guy who seemed to be a myth in Salsa; someone who was spoken of as living in the UK and having a million moves in his Salsa dancing arsenal. You only knew about him if you were part of the roots of L.A. Style (which I personally wasn't) when Super Mario would visit the U.S. to teach and perform at Congresses and Salsa Festival Events in many cities. Some people even met him at these events and saw him live, and it was only by their accounts that the validity of his existence gained value as word continued to spread that he was actually a real person. :-) 

Well, Super Mario is real and many salsa dancers in the U.S. still don't know much about him because he has been absent from U.S.-based events for many years - so long that I have never heard of him coming over since 2004, when I started dancing. But for people in the Salsa scene of other countries, mainly throughout Europe, Super Mario is a household name who is recognized and respected by students and fellow professionals for his amazing lead, unlimited database of fantastic moves and dance combinations, and his teaching ability. His classes and workshops have always been extremely popular both in the UK and in countries as far as Australia, Japan and the USA, specializing on technique but always maintaining an element of fun. 
Mario is originally from India and moved to the UK as a teenager. He holds a degree in Mathematics (Question: does anyone think that guys who are great at Math are better leads? ... Does the Left Side of our brains help us understand movement better?) and is also an accountant. He began dancing in 1998 when a friend took him to a Salsa nightclub and he was hooked immediately, and the rest is history! He was already traveling to other countries to teach and perform Salsa in the early 2000s. 
Super Mario has always had a keen ability to observe, understand, and break-down the power used to lead turn patterns, and has focused on breaking down dance routines to understand the techniques and 'signals' that are essential to good leading. His natural talent for both producing and executing so many imaginative moves led to an invitation to teach at the first salsa congress that he ever attended. His big break came soon after, when asked to give workshops at the salsa congress in Toronto, Canada. - How many of us wish it could be that simple to become the mega-star that Super Mario so quickly became, right? ;-) 
Through the years, Super Mario has earned himself the title of Million Moves Man through his ability to create any number of unique combinations, that are lead with expertise and are always comfortable to follow. His dancing style is smooth but fast, giving him and his dance partner extra freedom to improvise. 
- British Salsa Congress Award, 2003: "Contribution to promoting Salsa in the UK"
- LA Salsa Congress Award, 2004: "Contribution to Salsa music as a dancer and instructor"
- Israeli Congress Award, 2004: "Contributing to promoting Salsa in Israel"
- UK Congress Award, 2004, 2005, 2006: "Best UK Teacher - voted by students"
A short video of Super Mario displaying his great Social Dancing Skills:
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